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Dear customers. We stop offering fuel cells and accessories by March 31st 2020. Please contact SFC Energy AG - www.efoy-pro.com for new inquiries. You can find the SFC contact list in our news section.

On behalf of SFC Energy AG we will operate the udomi off grid monitor website til 31.12.2022. If you have questions regarding the udomi off grid monitor please feel free to contact us. Starting 01.01.2023 SFC Energy AG will continue to operate the udomi off grid manager website. You then may contact SFC Energy AG if you need assistance.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Udo Michelfelder

At www.udomi.eu you can find details on our new biz activities.




udomi ends distribition of Horizon fuel cells

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udomi ends distribution of EFOY PRO fuel cells - SFC takes over

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